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Hydraulic Oil Coolers

A Hydraulic Oil Cooler is quite simply a device used for the cooling of Hydraulic Oil, usually in Hydraulic Power Packs but they can also be used on Power Washers, Engines and almost anything where there is hot oil to be cooled. Some equipment manufacturers use and Air Cooled heat exchanger if their equipment is mobile, some will use a brazed plate heat exchanger but many choose to use a traditional shell and tube oil cooler instead.

Some benefits of using Thermex Hydraulic Oil Coolers include;


Thermex 2300 and 2500 series oil coolers are made from extruded shells, this allows us to offer more variants than other manufacturers without the tooling costs and long lead times associated with cast shell versions. The headers, or end caps, also offer flexibility with 1, 2 and 3 pass variants each with a choice of several different Threaded and Hose tail connections.


Shell and Tube Oil Coolers are simple, with no moving parts and a long established design. This makes for a reliable product but Thermex have taken it further by introducing a floating tube stack, allowing for Thermal Expansion to occur without putting stress on other components.


Thermex Oil Coolers are flexible, this means a choice of connections for our customers but also greater possibilities for our designers to get the most out of our oil coolers. We can do this by increasing or decreasing the number of baffles (which direct the oil flow over the tubes) and changing the number of passes through the tubes keeping the Oil Cooler we select a compact and efficient design.

Ease of Service

One of the biggest benefits of our Hydraulic Oil Coolers is that they are very easy to service. By removing the 4 cap-screws on each end of the cooler you can access any component and change seals, headers or the tube stack without the need for any additional tools. A regular maintenance programme can help an Oil Cooler to remain in operation for over 20 years.

The flexibility and diversity of the Thermex Hydraulic Oil Cooler makes them a popular product across many industrial sectors. Approximately 5,000 new hydraulic oil coolers are manufactured by Thermex every year, to find out more about them and why they are a popular choice please visit our Hydraulic Oil Coolers webpage or Contact us today.


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