Marine Engine

Many of Thermex' standard heat exchangers and oil coolers are regularly used directly on marine and land based engines. This includes engine oil coolers, jacket water heat exchangers, header tank heat exchangers and charge air coolers.

To find out more about the heat exchangers we manufacture for engine cooling, please select an item from the list below.

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Engine Oil Coolers designed for use with fresh water - More info

Marine Oil Coolers

Engine Oil Coolers designed for use with sea water - More info

Jacket Water Heat Exchangers

Jacket Water Heat Exchangers for fresh or raw sea water - More info

Charge Air Coolers

Suitable for cooling Hydraulic, Mineral and Engine oils using fresh or glycol water mixtures - More info

Header Tank Heat Exchangers

Combined header tanks and heat exchangers for cooling engine jacket water - More info

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Custom-designed air cooled heat exchangers, oil coolers and cooling packs - More info


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